Founded by a financial group from the Netherlands in 1994. This bank works only with corporate clients. In addition, the bank provides a wide range of commercial offers for these clients.
Ing Bank provides business financing, namely corporate lending.
It operates in economic markets and offers services such as:
— procedures of an economic nature on the state and international marketplaces,
— procedures in the market of monetary resources, which they enter: investments and lending in hryvnia and other currencies, procedures with municipal and debt obligations, procedures with collective bonds, various actions with Eurobonds.
In addition, Ing Bank offers transactional services.
Namely trade finance. This service helps the client to optimize the management of working capital using specialized banking products and solutions. In addition, clients have access to flexible and innovative tools in the field of liquidity management, as well as financial transactions.
For clients, Ing Bank also provides services such as:
— corporate loan, namely: medium-term loan agreements, overdrafts, credit lines in order to be able to finance working capital.
— urgent loans,
— payment of important costs,
— bridge lending.
In the financial markets, the bank offers its clients:
— a variety of operations with currency on the national and international market,
— specialized actions in the financial resources market, which include: deposits and loans in hryvnia and other currencies, operations with government and debt obligations, operations with collective bonds, as well as various operations with Eurobonds.
Thanks to its versatility, Ing Bank can still offer transactional services. It includes:
— financing in trade,
— management of foreign exchange operations,
— the use of an electronic banking platform, which allows you to monitor all payments and transfers online at any time.
Open tender.
Ing Bank has opened a tender to elect an audit company for 3 years to provide such services as:
— audit of annual financial statements prepared in accordance with International Standards.
— an assessment of sustainability, namely the analysis of the quality of assets and the acceptance of collateral for loan operations.

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