It is a large Russian universal bank established in 1992. Initially, the bank was named KMB Bank, the main founder of which was the European Bank. The bank’s goal was to help the post-Soviet country develop business and banking.
In 2005, the financial corporation Intesa Sanpaolo bought out the bank’s shares and became its sole owner.
Intesa Sanpaolo is one of the five largest banks in Europe. With a network throughout Western and Eastern Europe, the organization has achieved a capitalization of 49 billion euros and has a reputation as one of the most stable and attractive banks in Europe. In its homeland, Italy, Intesa Sanpaolo is the first, after the national, bank in the country in the field of lending, pension savings and factoring, with a client base of 12 million and 4000 of its own branches.
The total assets of the corporation are 788 billion euros, with the volume of equity capital is 58 billion.
In addition to opening Banca Intesa, the organization has been cooperating with Russia for about 40 years, being a constant intermediary in financial matters and trade transactions of Russian state and private companies and Italy. In addition, he is actively involved in investing in promising projects in the Russian Federation.
The Russian branch also occupies a leading position in the Russian banking system. According to rating agencies, the bank boasts:
— Long-term rating «Ваа1» according to Moody’s;
— «BBB» rating from Fitch Ratings;
— Standard & Poor’s assigned the bank «BBB-«;
— DBRS also rates the bank’s creditworthiness at ‘BBB’ highly.
In addition, Banca Intesa Bank boasts a 6th place in the rating of reliability of Russian banks according to Forbes 2017. 35th place in the Top 50 Russian banks in terms of capitalization.
The bank offers the whole package of banking services and products, actively lends to medium and small businesses, has a license to invest pension savings and funds from the housing stock of military personnel.
Intesa is actively expanding and for 2018 it is serving Russians in more than 22 regions of Russia. As of the second quarter of 2018, the bank has capital in the amount of RUB 12.5 billion, with assets of RUB 55 billion. Like many banks of this size, Intesa Bank is part of the Deposit Insurance Fund.

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