This bank can provide a variety of services, ranging from the financial market and ending with investment proposals.
In addition, the bank cooperates with individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as with corporate clients, investors, financial institutions.
Now you can take a closer look at the bank’s offers for each client.
1. Working with individuals.
Mdm Bank is the leader in issuing cash loans. Due to the convenient rate, loan period and loan amount. In addition, loans are issued without: guarantors, for any needs and without collateral. These points make this offer much more profitable than the others. The bank also offers the client the possibility of early repayment of the loan. As well as the ability to change the monthly payment, life insurance without coercion and different methods of loan repayment.
2. The bank allows you to arrange refinancing of loans from other banks.
The bank can replace the lending rate much less than the client has. The interest rate can be from 13%, it all depends on the conditions of the bank and the amount of the client. The loan period can be from 2 to 8 years. Convenient loan amount to pay off the desired debt. Such a loan can be obtained quite simply with a quick decision in favor of the client. In addition, the bank allows you to early repay a loan, as well as change the monthly payment date. Make insurance at the request of the client and pay off the loan with various types of finance.
3. There is also a corporate lending system for employees. For individuals, the bank can provide a cash loan or a credit card. You can apply at a bank or via the Internet.
4. Attachments.
Thanks to investments in various programs, clients can profitably invest their funds and get a good profit from them. Everything will depend on the funds deposited, the chosen program and terms. In addition, the bank provides an opportunity to insure its deposit.
5. Working with bank cards.
Clients have access to such opportunities as:
• Making a transfer from card to card.
• Timely information for clients who have a card of this bank.
• Possibilities for replenishing cards.
6. Remote management of account and finances.
• Banking via the Internet.
• Control when using the mobile application.
• SMS messages about the performed operations with the card or account.
• Continuous help desk support.
7. Bank service allows:
• Conclude an agreement on full banking services.
• Make financial transfers.

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