Founded over 20 years ago. Currently, it occupies a leading position among Russian banks. Uralsib Bank provides a wide range of services. The main field of activity of the organization is the investment business.
The Bank provides clients with the following types of services:
— mortgage credit lending;
— auto loans;
— deposits;
— credit and debit cards;
— business lending;
— consumer loans.
It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the interest rates before concluding an agreement with the bank. For the convenience of customers, loan calculators are placed on almost every bank website. Such a calculator will serve as an assistant for the preliminary calculation of the monthly payment. You can use any other calculator or call the bank’s call center and find out the preliminary amount of the payment.
For the calculation, you will need to enter the following data:
— the desired loan amount;
— loan terms;
— the size of the interest rate;
— presence or absence of additional commissions;
— annuity or differentiated debt repayment procedure.
In addition, there may be surcharges for additional services to the initial amount of the interest rate. The interest rate rises if the borrower refuses to conclude an insurance contract, does not submit a statement of income, or wants to get a loan as soon as possible.
An application for a loan can be submitted both at any branch and online, on the bank’s website.
Borrower requirements:
— Availability of Russian citizenship;
— Have a permanent residence permit on the territory of the Russian Federation;
— Be at least 23 years old and not older than 70 years old at the time the loan is closed;
-Official employment and at least three months of experience at the current place of work;
— For non-working pensioners — a pension certificate;
— The organization in which the client is employed must exist for at least one year.

When submitting an application for an amount not exceeding 300,000 rubles, the following documents will be required:
— Original passport;
— The second document (driver’s license, TIN, foreign passport, SNILS or income statement).
When applying for a loan in an amount exceeding RUB 300,000:
— the passport;
— a second identity document;
— for working citizens, 2 personal income tax certificate confirming income for the last six months; pensioners must present a pension certificate.

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