Deciding to take out a loan, many of us “go” to the Internet for information about a particular bank. And what a surprise to most of us when we find that there are so many of them. And, among this multitude, eyes run up. Indeed, the safety and reliability of our lending will depend on how correct our choice will be in terms of a credit institution.
History of creation and development.
This bank has quite a wealth of experience in financing and lending to the population, because it has existed for just over 120 years. Bank of Cyprus is the largest bank on the island of the same name — Cyprus. Despite its territorial location of the head office, the bank expanded its activities in Ukraine. The Ukrainian side, at one time, acquired subdivisions. In Russia, today there are no more than 4 branches.
Bank activities.
Today, in Russia, the Bank of Cyprus carries out activities in the field of corporate lending, investments, as well as the services of a credit broker, which, of course, is convenient for a potential borrower.
If we talk about credit programs implemented by the bank, then they are quite standard — mortgage lending, consumer lending, as well as loans for large companies.
The bank’s management, on its official page, greets us with an attractive offer on a flexible loan payment system, as well as the optimal interest rate, which is developed for each client individually. Unlike analogue companies that carry out similar activities, the Bank of Cyprus does not oblige its borrowers to take out compulsory loan insurance.
In addition to lending, card issuance will also be available for you, with the help of which you can easily make financial transactions and receive financial benefits from this. At the same time, the management of the Bank of Cyprus ensures year-round stay in touch with the client, which includes various notification of the operations performed.
Also, various deposits are available to their clients at a good interest rate and in different currencies.
The attractiveness of the bank for potential clients and borrowers is obvious. The only sad thing is that the branches of the Bank of Cyprus are geographically not located in many places in our country. And it is available, perhaps, to truly large companies striving for their financial development.

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