Among the various formats of plastic cards issued by banks, one can single out one category that everyone wants to have, namely, gold. Such cards a priori have a high status and give many privileges in Russia and abroad.
The owners of preferred banking products are the middle class and active users of financial services. For banks, a gold card is a means of stimulating customers for long-term cooperation.
It is easy to recognize the owner of high-status plastic by the characteristic golden hue of the card. Thus, it serves as a pass to good service not only in the bank itself, but also in hotels and luxury boutiques.
Benefits of a gold card
• Holders of the coveted plastic can count on round-the-clock service. Sometimes this is a nice bonus in difficult situations.
• High degree of protection, which is provided by a special chip.
• Often, for holders of a gold card, the bank provides an increased number of points under the bonus program.
• The possibility of non-cash payment for goods and services is attractive not only in the native country, but also abroad.
• Increased cashback, which the client receives when paying with a gold card in partner companies and other organizations.
• If the client loses the card, it will be quickly restored, in whatever country he is.
• Various privileges are developed for clients. For example, a specially developed application that allows you to quickly find out the balance and manage it.
• Payment systems Visa and MasterCard also provide bonuses to holders of privileged plastic. For example, this is the provision of legal or medical assistance, as well as reserving tables in a restaurant or a hotel room.
The most sensitive bonuses for gold cards are abroad. The fact is that payment systems themselves often arrange various promotions.
Few factors can be attributed to the disadvantages of a banking product. Of course, the high status is reflected in the more expensive service. Another disadvantage is that it cannot be received by anyone. Some users complain that the increased credit limit turned out to be a thoughtless waste for them.
Credit Gold Cards
Benefits are also offered to Gold credit card holders. For example, the Visa payment system reduces interest rates for holders of the coveted plastic. They receive a discount of up to 5% for the use of credit funds. Also, a higher credit limit can be a difference from a simple credit card.
Many banks provide free service if the client’s turnover exceeds a certain amount. Also, using gold cards, clients receive softer conditions for withdrawing funds, in contrast to holders of simple plastic.
Thus, the increased amount for the annual service, which the client pays, pays off for him with all the advantages and a reduced credit rate.
The conditions for issuing a gold card are simple: the client must be over 18 years old and have a permanent registration. In case the client wants to get a credit card, he may face various additional conditions. For example, it can be the presence of a deposit or an outstanding loan in this bank. In addition to age, financial companies require at least a year of work experience, while he must be in the same organization.
When a client wants to issue a debit gold card, there are much fewer requirements for him, since he will deposit money for it himself, and not borrow from a financial institution. It is enough to show your passport or fill out a form.
Anyone looking to get a gold card, credit or debit, should explore all the pros and cons. In general, along with a small number of disadvantages, owners of preferred plastic will have many bonuses.

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