At the moment, Nomos-Bank mainly specializes in lending to large corporate clients from various fields, such as engineering, gold mining and defense. The position of the group is especially strong in the military-industrial complex and in the sale of precious metals. But in general, this bank is a universal financial organization that provides the widest range of services to a wide range of clients.
The history of the bank — from creation to the present day
The bank, which is now known as OJSC NOMOS-Bank, was founded in 1992 and was then called TIPKO Venture Bank. It was changed a few years later, the new name was New Moscow. After 1998, the development of the financial company took big steps, especially in the military-industrial area. The bank received its current name in 2006, and the ICT group became the owner of the controlling stake.
In 2012, the owners of the bank took the first step towards merging with the financial corporation Otkritie — they sold just over 25% of their shares to it. In 2013, a pair of regional branches of this bank — the Siberian branch and NOMOS-Regionbank — were merged with NOMOS-Bank.
The bank’s current activities
NOMOS-Bank has more than 110 additional offices in different cities, and about 830 ATMs. It has 8 branches across the country. The bank is universal, although for the most part its activities are aimed at corporate clients, its priorities include investment and corporate blocks and private-banking, and the provision of retail services is also relevant. Also, a commercial bank is engaged in structured financing, mining and sale of precious metals — gold and silver, as well as other operations with metals.
In addition, AO NOMOS-Bank represents the parent organization of the largest private banking group in Russia. In addition to NOMOS Bank, there are three more banks in this group, including the aforementioned Otkritie Bank.
The bank maintains stability and reliability, it is one of the 15 largest banks in Russia, evaluating all the indicators with which rating agencies work. It is also recognized as a very fast growing bank. If we talk about operations with precious metals, then in this area NOMOS-Bank is considered one of the leaders. Such high figures are associated with one of the key shareholders — the ICT group is the owner of OJSC MNPO Polymetal.

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