The company was founded back in 1994 in Stockholm (Sweden). To this day, the main headquarters of the bank is located in this city. This network is quite extensive. It has about 30 different financial institutions around the world. The company has developed quite extensively in countries such as Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia. But the leaders of this organization are not going to stand still. They intend to develop. That is why the Russian economic platform is in the first place in the implementation of Nordea banks. The main center is located in the capital of the Russian Federation — Moscow. Bank Nordea has managed to gain a well-deserved reputation since the end of the 90s. Among all banks in the country, Nordea has a fairly high rating, which stands out from the mass of banks.
Bank Nordea’s services are used by the largest corporations and organizations not only of Russian origin, but also of foreign origin. Also, the bank’s frequent clients are organizations temporarily located outside the borders of Russia, but of Russian origin.
During its work in the Russian Federation, Bank Nordea managed to receive many awards: «Sign of Trust», winner in the category «High quality of service» (2016), bank employees received the award «For an effective management process» (2012).
Will Bank Nordea leave Russia?
January 2018 is famous for high-profile disputes about whether Bank Nordea will cease to exist in Russia or not. The question is worthwhile. But after this statement, the head of the bank declined to comment on anything. The thing is that after a statistical assessment of the economic state of Russia in 2015, a decline in retail elements began. Population income, inflation, devaluation, unemployment in the country at that time made themselves felt.
Bank Nordea possesses huge financial resources, which are also insured by the main Swiss office located in Stockholm. In addition, the dominant bank funds its «children». If this funding stops, many users of the bank will find themselves in a critical situation. At a minimum, corporations, organizations, and people using the bank’s services will have to deposit double capital into the bank to prevent the risk of ruin or find a way to replace funding, which is a rather difficult operation.
Thus, whether Bank Nordea will leave the Russian economic platform or not is a moot point. Analysts say in this case the catch phrase — «Time will show.»

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