This bank is fully called the public joint stock company «Svyaz — Bank». This bank acts as a subsidiary of Vnesheconombank. Now, let’s look at the history of the creation and development of the company’s activities.
History of Communication — Bank.
The bank was founded 19 years ago. 15 years after its opening, it acquired Pochta Bank, and today it owns the overwhelming majority of its shares. The 2008 financial crisis did not become the same globally for the company. Our Government was interested in its successful existence.
By 2011, Vnesheconombank became the main shareholder, to which almost 100% of the shares were subordinate at that time. This was the end of the procedure for restoring the structure of the bank’s activities. That ended quite well for this company, in contrast to analog groups of enterprises.
Today Svyaz — Bank is taking measures to improve its lending programs and is constantly working to improve the quality of service to its customers.
Direction of the company.
Lending, opening accounts, as well as the production of plastic cards are the main areas of work. Let’s take a closer look at such a service as lending.
The bank provides a consumer loan in cash for different categories of citizens with different interest rates. For instance:
• For those who are military personnel, the rate will be no more than 11%, the loan term will be up to 84 months, and the amount — up to 3 million rubles;
• For those who are, as the people say, «state employees», the rate will be slightly higher than in the previous category, namely — 12%, the term and amount are the same.
• For those who are retired, they can count on 15% per annum. But already the loan term will be no more than 60 months.
For all the categories we are considering, the following documents are needed:
1. Passport;
2. Help 2 personal income tax
3. For the first category — 1 additional document, for the second — 2, for the third — 3.
The conditions necessary for a potential borrower to comply are, first of all, age — at least 21 years old, secondly, citizenship and registration — exclusively Russian and on the territory of our country, thirdly — to have a stable income and service life at the last place of work from 4 months.
For people of retirement age, only 3 criteria are important — this is age — from 45, citizenship and permanent income.

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