St. Petersburg Bank, serving private and corporate clients. Provides a full range of banking services, and is also a player on the stock exchange and has the right to carry out the activities of a broker. He specializes in many areas, such as: securities, lending to individuals, servicing large companies.
Bank Russia history
Back in the USSR — in 1990 — this bank was formed in St. Petersburg (then — Leningrad) and was called the share commercial bank Russia. Thus, it became one of the first commercial Russian banks. It was renamed into JSC Aktsionerny Bank Russia in 1997.
At one time, a very large part of the funds in this bank was invested by the Leningrad Regional CPSU, together with other shareholders, there was a total of 31 million rubles in the Russian fund. Initially, he served clients in St. Petersburg, but rather soon a Moscow branch was opened.
The bank’s activity was very stormy, the interests of the regional committee of the CPSU and the KGB were served. Also, already in the 2000s, the bank contributed to the revival of the Scarlet Sails holiday — this is a city celebration among school graduates. In this, Bank Russia is cooperating with the administration of St. Petersburg.
In the 2010s, the geography of branches expanded significantly, CJSC Gazenergoprombank joined it and, accordingly, its branches in different cities of the country. It was decided not to enter the world market due to the US sanctions against the bank. In 2014, a branch was opened in Simferopol, in total there were 22 of them.
Bank Russia current activities
At the moment, the bank has a large number of shares in various successful Russian companies — for example, the National Media Group joint-stock company (which owns popular Russian channels), the airport of Simferopol, ZAO Leader. Some of the shares are held by the bank through subsidiaries.
Rating agencies consider AB Russia to be very stable, but from time to time their assessments could be quite negative due to sanctions and some problem stories with loans to Sobinbank, a banking subsidiary.
Now the bank is not owned by the state and has both private individuals and large non-governmental organizations among its shareholders. It is believed that the main co-owner, Y. Kovalchuk, is closely linked by friendly relations with President V. Putin; there are friends of the president among the shareholders as well.

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