It is one of the largest and most popular banks in Ukraine. All thanks to the professionalism of the staff and the beneficial offers for clients. This bank cooperates with individuals, entrepreneurs and corporate clients.
In addition, the bank offers a range of programs such as:
1. Registration of a payment card. The client can issue: debit, credit and premium cards. In addition, the bank offers various card data operations and services. The client can:
• Insure the card.
• Top up an account using an ATM, which has a function: “Cash-In”.
• Find out the details of this bank on the official page.
• Use the card abroad.
• Perform currency conversion on accounts.
• Online, transfer of finance from card to card.
• Payment from a card using special details.
There are also bonus programs for cards, which can be found on the official portal of the bank.
2. Registration of a loan. A loan can be issued for any needs, finances are issued in cash. In addition, the client can arrange a loan for goods and services or for the purchase of a new car. The bank also issues a loan for registration of a used car. The client is also available a loan for the purchase of housing and a loan secured by a deposit.
To keep abreast of financial transactions, this bank allows you to monitor transactions and loan services using the Internet. In addition, you can find out the situation with payments and the principal amount of the loan by using an SMS-message.
3. Making payments and transfers. Clients can make financial and currency transfers, as well as transfer funds from card to card.
4. Internet service. Using this service, the client can:
• Place a cash order. To order, you need to fill out a special form on the official website or at the bank itself.
• Order a special email statement. This is a free service that any client of this bank can use.
• The following data will be shown in the message in the mail:
transactions that were made on the account, all commissions and payments that were made from a personal account and the figures for the minimum payment on the loan to be paid.
5. Storage of savings and investments.
In this bank, you can store savings and deposits.
6. Registration of insurance.
The client can take out: travel insurance, insurance of property that is pledged, real estate insurance and insurance of payment cards.

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