This bank belongs to a financial group located in the Netherlands. Ing Bank cooperates only with corporate clients, in addition, its activities extend to international corporations, as well as the largest and most influential personalities.
Bank services.
1. Clients are provided with medium-term loans.
2. Loans are available to pay for working capital.
3. Overdraft is available.
4. Immediate loans.
5. The function of financing capital expenditure is available.
6. Also provide their services for syndicates and club agreements.
7. Bridge loans are no less popular.
In the financial market, the bank can provide:
1. Monetary procedures in the national and international markets.
2. Various operations in the financial market, which allow:
• Open deposit and credit lines in hryvnia or other currencies.
• Carry out operational actions with national and debt obligations.
• Conduct transactions with collective and Eurobonds.
3. Service of transactions:
• Trade payment.
• A program for banking in trade is presented.
Financial asset management.
Ing Bank offers both standard and specialized offers and services for its clients that meet the needs of the latter to manage local as well as international payments and financial flows.
Clients can take advantage of the bank’s offer as a global instrument for controlling accounts in Ukraine and abroad for transnational corporate organizations with a widespread network of structural divisions.
The list of suggestions is quite simple, but interesting:
1. Current accounts for residents and non-residents in national and foreign currency.
2. Input and output payments in national finance, as well as standard and periodic international payments.
3. Transfer of finances in national currency on the accounts of the 1st legal entity by means of a contractual write-off.
4. Cash procedures for clients working in the legal field.
5. Servicing loans from non-residents.
6. Reporting in a specialized format.
7. Availability of an electronic banking platform for Central and Eastern Europe.
Thanks to the professionalism of Ing Bank’s team, clients receive the best service, services and operations available to specialized and permanent citizens.

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