In 1993 Khreschatyk Bank was established. The bank is a public joint stock company. The main office is located in Kiev. Khreschatyk Bank was actively working with the population, attracting and attracting potential clients and borrowers. Due to all its activities, the bank was able to get into the top of all banks in Ukraine, taking an honorable 8th place for itself. The bank attracted deposits from the population, as noted by the portal. And according to Forbes magazine, the bank was one of the largest and one of the most viable banks in Ukraine. Not every bank can get on the Forbes list, and such a non-media bank could get there.
The bank’s services were gladly used by a large number of the population. This was confirmed by the figures in the monthly reports. Khreschatyk Bank was popular within the country and was in demand. The population of Ukraine entrusted their deposits to Khreschatyk.
The bank’s shareholders were the Ukrainian Financial Company, abbreviated as «Ukrfinkom». This company owned approximately 40% of the shares, 21% of the shares belonged to Market Invest Group, and 25% belonged to the Kiev City Council. As of 2010, Khreschatyk bank had over UAH 820 million in assets. This indicator indicates the intensive work of the bank. The bank held on to its clients and was determined to work actively and productively.
In April 2016, the country’s main bank revoked Khreschatyk’s license precisely because it did not meet all the requirements of the current legislation in the country in the field of banking in Ukraine and due to the absence of all possible actions on the part of the bank’s owners in order to change at least some then this situation.
But, literally in March 2018 Top. the court found all actions of the National Bank of Ukraine illegal, and the desire to remove the bank from the market was unjustified. Many of the bank’s clients support the opinion that the decision is illegal and require the license to be returned to the financial institution. During the entire existence of the bank, no one of its clients had any complaints about the work and servicing of this bank. Everyone was happy with the bank and its work, as well as with the conditions that were fundamentally different from competing banks.
Thus, Khreschatyk Bank is incapacitated and bankrupt. The bank was terminated and its license revoked. Nobody liked this decision of the National Bank of Ukraine, thus causing a heated discussion about this topic.

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