General information.
Having crossed the threshold of the offices of this bank, you find yourself in a business, comfortable and friendly atmosphere. Customer care is one of the traditions of this renowned institution.
Otp Bank was founded 70 years ago and was nothing more than a bank in Hungary. Years later, having changed its name, it became the leader in the European banking services market. Now, this international universal credit organization has firmly established itself with its representative offices in Russia.
For 70 years, the company has held a leading position in Europe. Consumer lending in Russia in retail outlets ranks 2nd, 4th for credit cards. The bank entered the Top 20 in terms of profit.
Today the company is one of the 50 largest banks in the country. Its offices, branches, consumer lending points and ATM networks operate in more than 3000 settlements in Russia. More than 1.5 million clients use their services.
Bank mission.
The bank’s management has repeatedly voiced the principles of its work. Their mission is to become a long-term partner with affordable products for as many Russians as possible.
The daily work of all Otp Bank offices is aimed at implementing the following programs:
1. Opening a deposit;
2. Registration of any type of loan;
3. Transfer of funds;
4. Get advice on any issues of servicing individuals.
The presented offices are of a convenient format. They are designed so that people can, at a convenient time and place, be able to visit it, use any product or service.
The company’s strategy is based on 3 Rs:
1. Region;
2. Retail;
3. Rebranding.
The management is doing everything to improve communication with customers. The bank has a retail clientele service quality department that visits offices as a mystery shopper and tries to make a test purchase.
The company’s hotline processes several hundred customer calls every month. This Call — center is one of the best in the country that does its job efficiently.
The bank tries to deal with each complaint separately, the bank approaches this problem very scrupulously.
Due to the fact that the bank is in the leading positions in the quality and reliability ratings, the management tries to exist in this state as long as possible. Therefore, complex work is carried out not only with clients, but also with employees.

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