Let’s start with the fact that many will be surprised when in a search engine they open links with the name of the bank as «Otkrytie». This same Nomos is a Bank, only renamed. We will talk about this below.
The company has existed in the market of credit institutions for 29 years. He actively supports the position of deposit insurance.
For 2008, taking into account the merged bank «Moscow Capital», the company had more than one hundred branches in our country.
Initially, the bank’s activities were aimed exclusively at business lending. Over time, the bank’s strategy has changed, and today it is a universal credit institution that implements the entire range of banking products.
If we analyze the ratings of the company, then for a long time Nomos — bank was included in the 15 largest banks in the country, based on its main indicators. In 2002 — one of the hundred largest banks in the world. In 2009, the top magazine recognized the company as one of the most reliable among existing peers.
In 2014, the Central Bank made a decision on the further existence of the company under a different name — Open Joint Stock Company “Bank of the Financial Corporation Otkritie”. The address of the existence of the former Nomos was also changed. It was at the address of the Discovery. In this regard, there have been changes in the details used for payments and transfers of clients.
Bank activities.
For corporate clients the opportunity to use a wide range of banking services and products is provided. For instance:
1. Opening of salary projects, accounts and full service;
2. Issue of plastic bank cards;
3. Investment services.
For the population of Nomos — the Bank offers ample opportunities for lending, opening deposits and deposits. Making payments and transfers.
More than 15 thousand employees work for the benefit of the company. The client base numbers more than 170 thousand clients, including large entrepreneurs of the industry developing in our country, representatives of various business levels, as well as individuals and legal entities.
Thanks to its well-built strategy of work, the bank successfully carries out its direct activities, constantly trying to create more comfortable conditions for servicing its customers.

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