Today there are a huge number of commercial banks that offer various lending services. There is also an offer from them for a profitable investment of their own funds in their capital. And banks meet both with centuries of history and very young in their business.
Bank history.
This bank began its existence in the middle of 1990. The main branch was and is located to this day in the city of St. Petersburg, and later, one more — in Moscow. It is worth noting the fact that 15 years ago, this bank sponsored a grand event in which both graduates and the administration of St. Petersburg take part — «Scarlet Sails». To date, Bank Russia does not change its traditions and actively supports both the youth movement and the administration of the capital city.
Several years ago, the management of the enterprise made a decision for itself not to go beyond the framework of the Russian Federation in its activities. And after that, 20 more branches were opened in Russia.
Bank Russia activities.
For 20 years, the commercial company has been selling banking products, such as:
1. Consumer, mortgage and car loans;
2. Loans for different levels of business;
3. Registration of credit and debit cards.
In addition to all this, the Bank of Russia exercises control over the income and expenses of various sectors of the economy.
All applications can be submitted online. The potential borrower will only need to fill in the blank fields with basic information and after that, confirm the processing of their data. And the bank itself will tell you about further actions through a notification.
Monitoring reviews.
Many users of this bank point to the inconvenience of withdrawing cash from an account through a card, information is indicated on the withdrawal of a certain percentage for using this service.
There are reviews about the work of employees who did not take any action on time to fix a problem with the use of an ATM client. But this, we think, relates more to a particular case than to frequent practice.
If we talk about a positive response towards the bank, then this is what we managed to reveal: gratitude for the professional approach and selection of an individual loan program for the client.
There are a lot of reviews, and they are divided 50/50.

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