At the present time, there is a huge number of banking organizations ready to provide their services from ordinary to wealthy citizens. Unfortunately, the world now lives in a difficult time, when it is hardly possible to cope with the impending difficulties without external support. Probably, for financial problems, banks were created that can come to the rescue if a person has no one else to borrow. Although banks require much more conditions when borrowing money, they also provide favorable conditions for storage. Of course, difficulties always begin when you decide to bind yourself with long-term obligations and it doesn’t matter if it’s a loan or a deposit. Everywhere there are pitfalls.
This article will tell the history and existence of the OTP bank.
OTP Bank belongs to the Hungarian company OTP Group (State Savings Bank in Hungary). The banking organization began its history in the last century, namely on March 1, 1949. Even then, the company received the status of «public», but the bank was finally privatized only at the end of the century (1995). In those years, the banking organization changed a lot, and thus became a universal retail (offering services in a limited amount or even individually). Already in 2006 the bank became one of the largest banks in Europe, and in 2007 it took a significant place in the rating of dynamically developing organizations, as well as in many other ratings and awards.
From 1992 to the present day, he is headed by Sandor Chani. Last year, the bank celebrated its 25th anniversary in the Russian market.
What does he do?
As already mentioned, the bank provides a large number of services to clients, both corporate and private. These are various loans, opening and maintaining accounts, issuing guarantees, deposits, making transfers, collection, as well as buying and selling foreign currencies.
The bottom line.
For 25 years, the banking organization has already managed to recommend itself correctly, many victories in various awards can testify to this. This bank, like many others, provides a wide range of services that are relevant. At the moment more than 4 million people use the bank’s services. This gives even more confidence for people who are just choosing a bank for various operations. Of course, first of all, the stability that OTP Bank can provide is also important.

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