General information.
The bank was founded in 1993. Its predecessor was the Marine Bank. In 2010, the bank was renamed Marfin.
This credit organization organizes its activities in cooperation with the maritime industry. The government showed a high level of confidence in the company, due to which a salary project was organized for the budgetary sphere, civil servants. This category of citizens received their wages and enjoyed privileges in terms of credit programs.
The main office is located in Odessa. In addition, there are 50 more branches in Ukraine. The number of enterprises receiving comprehensive services reaches 100 thousand. And individuals and legal entities — 160 thousand. A full list of banking services is available for its clients.
In the rating of reliability of deposits, baku was awarded the highest mark. This indicator was held by the company for several years. In addition, Marfin was awarded the highest credit score.
Today the bank provides reliability and stability to its clients. Employees’ wages are received on time, and there are no delays. Even in a difficult financial situation, there were no failures.
Plastic cards.
Cards are one of the banking products sold by the bank. When the issue of issuing bank plastic cards was resolved, the employees and management of the company faced the problem that the population was not ready for this. It was treated with great distrust. And as soon as the funds were credited to the card, they were withdrawn without a trace. After some time, cards began to play the role of means of payment. They paid for goods and services. The benefits became clear, first of all — saving space in the wallet, and secondly — security. After all, the card is protected by a pin — code, and in order to use it, you need to know it.
Bank employees.
The team that works at Marfin Bank has been working together for 10 years. These include both young employees and those with extensive experience. Each of them is in his place and performs his duties at the highest level.
The bank’s management is focused on constantly improving the level of service for its customers so that their stay at the bank is as comfortable as possible. This is achieved through a well-developed strategy for the operation of both the entire system and each of its departments.

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