General information.
This enterprise was organized at the expense of a Dutch financial conglomerate. Carries out activities in the provision of banking services.
ING Bank is one of the largest and most influential foreign financing institutions in our country. He serves more than 1000 corporate clients who are located abroad. The bank has been operating in Russia since 1993.
Bank mission.
Each company chooses for itself one or another development strategy that can lead to success. In connection with the chosen strategy, the principles are determined on which all subsystems of a single mechanism — the bank — are based in their activities.
ING Bank has chosen as a priority the provision of quality products and services that fully meet the client’s requirements. This also includes individual and corporate service in the form of technical service. The basis is based on current programs that will be of interest to all categories of clients. Speaking of interests, the company listens not only to those whom it serves, but also to its employees, contractors and those who are interested in the development and promotion of the bank. But nevertheless, the client remains in the honorable first place. Customer focus is the main parameter that is included in the strategy. And it is achieved through:
1. Elimination of deficiencies in the operation of the bank’s operating systems and the simultaneous increase in the level of service;
2. Interest in implementing the strategy of employees. This point is ensured by providing a comfortable working environment and the opportunity to constantly improve the level of their knowledge, skills and abilities.
The principle of operation is to ensure confidence in the stability and reliability of the bank’s work for its clients.
ING Bank, like any other bank, is aimed at making a profit. But he conducts his business relying on the purity of his conduct. Those. focuses on the needs of the client, on his capabilities, as well as focusing on responsibility for their activities.
Careful attitude towards each client leads to the fulfillment of the point of corporate responsibility and honesty.
Due to the fact that the bank as a single system works harmoniously and each subsystem knows its work and conducts it according to high quality standards, the company comes out and maintains a leading position in reliability and quality ratings.

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